Manufacturers Fabricating Flip-Flow Screen Mats For Screening Wet And Sticky Materials

Manufacturers of flip-flow screens supply their product range for screening of wet and sticky materials. These Polyurethane flip-flow screen mats are fabricated from highly resilient elastomer material that has ability to withstand deformation without losing the dimensional accuracy or elasticity. These materials are designed for clamping and bolting systems to fit all screen decks regardless of machine brand, deck dimension and installation features.


Flip Flow Screen Products Were Initially Introduced At The Early Stage Of The 1980s. The Screen Features Are:
      • It enhances the screening efficiency
      • User can carry out huge processing
      • It has small live load
      • It consumes less energy
      • It produces low noise
It is generally composed of two screen boxes that are independent and linked with rood screens. It is a double plastid vibrating system having polyurethane rubber screen area. The elastic screen mats move like a trampoline in the screen.
Polyurethane is an ideal material used by Flip-flow screen manufacturers for wet & sticky material because it expands and contracts throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, these screens are having high enduring acceleration rates and vast range of screen cuts. This is a solid product that separates harder to screen products in a limited time. Moreover, the machines have vibration parameters and other optimum adjustments.
Flip flow screens are innovation in vibration technology. These screens are being used by many industries like-
    • Challenging weather condition jobs
    • Mineral industry
    • Wet and dry screening
    • Coal and steel
    • Building and construction
    • Recycling industry
    • Ore production industry
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